The single most important factor for the Coast Guard today, are the Officers and Men who ultimately meet the challenges at sea. You could be just the man for this challenging sea- going career if you are intelligent and bold and can think with originality and possess leadership qualities. Service in Coast Guard is not merely an employment.

It is where you play the most important role of protecting the nation's interests. The life of a Coast Guard officer is a happy mix of many things: hard work, professionalism, risk and adventure and the opportunity to move around and visit different places within India and abroad.

(a) Ensuring the safety and protection of artificial Islands, offshore terminals, installations and other structures and devices in any maritime zone.

(b) Providing protection to fishermen including assistance to them at sea while in distress.

(c) Taking such measures as are necessary to preserve and protect the maritime environment and to prevent and control marine pollution.

(d) Assisting the customs and other authorities in anti-smuggling operations.